Sunday, 8 July 2012

Welcome to Wonderland ballot

As Alice is a one of a kind, I thought that the best and fairest way to offer her up for sale is via ballot. To keep it simple, I will be doing the same for her friends, the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat. If you would like to adopt either Alice, the White Rabbit or the Cheshire Cat, please leave a comment below (with your name/email address or some way of contacting you) specifying which one you would like to purchase (or more than one if you would like to purchase more than one). I will leave the ballot open until 9am Tuesday 10 July (AEST). I will then be drawing three separate ballots to determine who the new owners will be based on your comment, so make sure you specify which ballot(s) you would like to be placed in. 

I will then announce the names on my facebook page and (provided I have contact details) will contact the adopters. You will then have 24 hours to get in touch with me to confirm your desire to purchase. If no contact is made in that time, a new name will be drawn. 

Alice is $110 plus postage. To see more photos and details of all of her inclusions, please see the Welcome to Wonderland album on my facebook page.

The White Rabbit is $45 plus postage. To see all of the details on him, please see the album. 

and lastly: 

The Cheshire Cat is $40 plus postage. To see his details, please check out the album on my facebook page. 

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support and best of luck to anyone who puts their name below :) 



  1. Sold Tina Coleman - Alice & cat

  2. Alice please sold

  3. Mad hatter.

  4. I meant white rabbit!!! How can I ask for something that's not there!!! Jo. X

  5. Alice sold, please. It will go perfectly with my Alice In Wonderland nursery theme for my new little squishy! Thanks!

  6. Sold Alice to my d18 month old daughters name is Alice it would be perfect!