Sunday, 3 June 2012

What I've been creating this week!

I've had a bit of a "finishing" week this week. There has been one doll in particular that I have been working on for... well... let's just say, "a long time". I finally finished her this week and I am soooo happy with how she turned out. She's a pattern that I have been working on for months. I have had quite a few trials that haven't been up to scratch, so have not seen completion, but finally I think Miss Georgette is perfect so she has been finished, photographed and now listed in my store Monkey HugsAnyone who follows me on instagram would have seen a photo of her a couple of days ago, but for those who don't, without further ado, meet the delightful Miss Georgette!

Now, before I finished Miss Georgette, I was working on my little girl's birthday presents - Maia turns 3 on June 9 and I bought her a cute little doll bed (from Ikea) but the bedding that came with it was far from cute (not at all girly and a bit lacking on all counts) so I had to make a new mattress and quilt (still working on the pillow). So here is the before and after: 

And I had to make her a number "3" Tshirt, which I still haven't finished, but I'm getting there: 

And before all of that, I finished the gorgeous Ruthie Bear, made from a retromama pattern. 

This is the first time I have made one of these and the first retro mama pattern I have tried. I have a tendency not to follow the instructions in a pattern, so mine is a little different in terms of how it was put together, but I think she turned out quite cute and the pattern is very easy to use! Ruthie is also available in my hand-made store now :) Ruthie Bear on

Oh, and I have also been working on a kokeshi doll softie, but she's not quite done yet, so no photos to show yet! 

What have you all been creating this week? 

Sam xxx