Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The joys of pinning

I can't believe that it has taken me this long to become hooked on Pinterest! Granted I did try and sign up about 4 months ago and had huge issues with the invitation email not working and it telling me that I had already signed up (I hadn't... I was pretty sure I would remember something like that). So of course, I eventually just decided I had better things to do and didn't pursue it further... until now. I signed up a few days ago and have been pinning like a mad woman ever since.

I'm not really sure what the draw is - I think in part it's the joy of seeing a whole bunch of things that I crave, but will (likely) never have all in one spot to come back and look at again and again. Like the furnishings that will never belong in my house (where grubby fingers manage to touch EVERYTHING), or the crafty items that I will never make (but will always think I will make - someday - when I have the time), or the hairstyles that I wish I had (if only my hair was... well... someone else's hair). It's kind of like when I was a teenager and my best friend and I rummaged through catalogues making lists of all of the things we would buy and put in our houses when we were older - and won a million dollars. I know that it's just a dream, but geez it's a fun one to have isn't it? So yep, I'm hooked. And who knows, maybe one day I'll wake up and be the kind of girl who can get away with wearing eight inch heels?

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