Thursday, 1 December 2011

Twelve Days of Christmas Celebrations!

I absolutely LOVE Christmas. I loved it as a kid (what kid doesn't?) and I think I may even love it just a little bit more now as an adult. Of course the best part about Christmas is getting to spend it with family and the best part about that is seeing the kids rip through their presents like mini tornadoes, stopping every now and then for an "ooooh" or an "aaaah", so I decided that this year I'm going to be sharing some of that Christmas joy with my lovely facebook supporters.

I have had such an amazing time starting Monkey Hugs and Snugglebugs and have had the most wonderful good fortune to "meet" some truly gorgeous people. I thank each and every one of you for the encouragement, support and all-round "mushy" feelings that you have given me over the past few months. I hope you all have truly wondrous Christmases with your families and it makes me so happy to know that there will be quite a few monkeys out there hugging some of my dolls and softies this year.

So here goes.... Starting today and going through to the 12th of December I will be having my Twelve Days of Christmas Celebrations. Each morning a new photo will be added to the album with info on what the celebration is for that day. I'll be sharing with you some of my favourite family Christmas photos, so be prepared for some personal notes from me too :)

On some days I will be having specials, other days there will be giveaways or games and I may have a few very special listings as well, so make sure that you check back each day to be part of the fun.

Due to all of the facebook rules, the details will be uploaded here on this blog. As usual, this celebration and the giveaways/games are in no way affiliated with facebook.

Once again, thank you all and big *hugs* to everyone!

Sam xxx

DAY 1 - 15% off in my madeit store AND comment on the picture here for your chance to win a doll's dress (please note that dresses are sized to fit my dolls which are bigger than most other handmade dolls). DAY ONE WINNER - KARLA SITARZ - congratulations Karla :)
DAY 2 - 15% off in my madeit store AND pick a number to win a teeny tiny Christmas micro monkey :) DAY TWO WINNER - RENEE OLSEN - Congratulations Renee! Yay!
DAY 3 - Unfortunately I won't be around today or tonight for a giveaway, so today's celebrations include a super special price on our Christmas Hoos ruffle skirts (only 1 size 3 and 1 size 4 left!) and those super cute mini micro Christmas monkeys for sale :)

DAY 4 - Today's offer is just a little bit different and is perfect for those lovely ladies that seem to have just a little bit of a Monkey Hugs and Snugglebugs addiction (and of course I LOVE you all for that addiction!) The prize on offer today is VIP status with Monkey Hugs and Snugglebugs. Some of you may remember me talking about this previously - what VIP status entitles you to is a PERMANENT 5% off any order you make with me at any time from now until... forever (excluding postage costs). To be in the running to win this prize you need to comment under today's photo - here and tell me what is your favourite Monkey Hugs and Snugglebugs item. Is it the dolls? The mixed up monkeys? Something else? The winner will be drawn tonight at 7:00pm Qld time, so get commenting! DAY FOUR WINNER - JUDY BIRD! Congratulations Judy :)

DAY 5 - who's up for a game of BINGO? You have until 6:45pm tonight to comment under the photo with your 5 numbers (between 1 and 100) and then at 7:00pm we'll start! It will be first to get their five numbers and comment BINGO on the page who will win (I'll put a pic of the prize up just before we start - it's something a little bit different for me, so I hope you like it!)

DAY 6 - 15% off continues in my madeit store and my Christmas Hoos ruffle skirts are still on sale PLUS come back at 8:00pm tonight for a little treasure hunt! The winner scores a $20 store voucher :)

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